Is it better to buy a suit in Europe or in the KSA?

HI all, Salam aleykoum,

I am planning to come soon in the KSA.
I will work everyday with a suit and I am thinking about buying some here in Europe.
But I was wondering if it's a good idea as the weather is so hot in the ksa and suits in Europe are essentially made for the European climate and the majority I have seen are made of wool (Boss and Lagerfeld with very interesting discount)

Can people please advice me if the suits in the KSA are also made of wool or if they are made of linen for example? I am scared to buy and after not been confortable in the KSA.

What is the best option buying a suit in the KSA better or in Europe the same??

Thanks a lot for your attention, choukrane

So haven't shopped for men's suits here, but really they don't seem to be made for the weather. Not sure I have seen a lot of linen.

Plus many things are actually more expensive here due to being imported and Europe's "discounts" cannot be weirder than KSA's, I have found items on racks that with discount are back to the original cost they would sell in the US.

I would find cotton suits in Europe or see if a tailor near you would make suits to your specifications.

Will you be in Jeddah or Riyadh? As many parts of KSA actually can get sorta cool in the winter.

Hi Stressedmom, thanks for your replay I will be in Dammam.

It is so easy .. I mean don't think much about this .. Just bring one or tow suits from Europe and when you come here, you can decide the next step .. either you buy from here or you use the ones you brought .. Calm down  :)

There are a wide variety of suits available in KSA. Different brands from regional to international brands are available, some even with dedicated showrooms. Woolen suits are also available though not common due to weather conditions and as you are aware cost depends on quality. My suggestion would be bring two with you and after checking the quality and prices here you can buy more. Boss, Raymonds etc are available here.

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