Wanted ~ Collaborators for Design Studio in Barcelona

Hello! We are two designers from the UK and Switzerland setting up a studio here in BCN.  I work in interiors, exhibitions, furniture and art installations, she works in fashion and photography.  We are currently looking at great spaces in/around PobleNou area to create a large flexible area to suit our disciplines, as well as host exhibitions and possibly teaching workshops once settled. 

We are looking for interesting and like-minded creatives to come in on this project with us from the beginning and possibly even get involved with the setup.  So if you need some amazing 'design' space and think you might be interest, get in touch and tell us about yourselves and your needs... We're all ears!

We also on the hunt for the following bits.  Any info/ideas/contacts from the wider world would be greatly appreciated:
-Temporary pet friendly apartment/sub-let for Oct,Nov possibly Dec
-Local knowledge / man-on-the-ground / translator / general helper
-Good reliable local Gestor (or similar) to help with some initial setup paperwork etc
-Secure storage or parking for a trailer
-Tandem language partners (we can offer English & German)

Looking forward to hearing from you...
Ryan, Yasar & Wolfgang

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