Advice and guidance please - Want to join Family in Holland

Hello fellow Expats! I am a Malaysian and I aspire to walk in your shoes, to work and live in the Netherlands!

Please, if you could spare some time for a fellow homie. I am a fresh graduate from the University of Edinburgh (top 6 in the UK, top 30 in the world), having completed my Masters of Arts with Honours in Psychology & Business Studies (double major). I have 3 years of Psychology research experience. I am a keen volunteer with the Samaritans and a refugee supporter. I have participated in multiple Management Consulting business projects and I have lead organisations of up to 200 active members. English is my first language, and I speak Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien fluently. I have lived in Zeeland for almost a year (non-consecutively), but due to VISA restrictions, I am forced to go back to Malaysia.

I have family in Holland, and I am learning Dutch. However, I am struggling to be reunited with my family in Holland. So, please, if you could spare some time to give me some advice on how I can move back to Holland? Or if you know of any contacts that are willing to hire a Malaysian (with lots of motivational drive, skills and experience!). I have always been the type to do my best in everything that I am committed to – yet many companies have turned me down due to the VISA restrictions… I just desperately need to be given a chance!

Your advice and guidance will be gold to me. Feel free to drop me a personal message.

Not sure if this will help; there's a Dutch IND website that I've never seen until this morning; here's a link to it.  I've just filled it in (pretending I was a 25 yr old from Malaysia) and it produces a check list of links for you to follow - the links provide information of the formalities you have to go through.

My own view is that unless you can find a company to sponsor you as a "highly skilled worker" you may find it hard to get in.  As you've already discovered, unfortunately, having family already there is of no use as an adult, you need to get in via your own skills.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Cynic is right. I was wondering what kind of family do you have in Zeeland?  Zeeland have a low population and demand for high skills employees is lesser than less
If they're very close relatives maybe you can try family reunion.

But unfortunately you're chances are limited unless you marry a Dutch (and than you need a lot of patience too).

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