Preparing retirement in Spain. Where to buy? Active Expat Community?

We are in the process of preparing for retirement in Spain. We are looking for an active expat community particularly during the winter. I live canoeing and cycling my wife loves cooking and dancing. We are both sociable and need an active social life. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Hi there Edpsych....

We'll Alicante is a good city to live in all year around and has everything to offer, both locally and internationally, at cheap prices. Also travel in and out of Alicante comes at a low price tags, as cost for rental cars, hotels and flight tickets in the winter time is extremely favorable (for friends and family visiting).

There are some good international communities and groups here too, and luckily they are not restricted to one nationality only. They do canoeing in the harbour area, the cycling routes are fantastic (Calpe, Orxeta, Busot, Aigues) and you have various dance classes in the city. Not to mention yoga on the beach (I saw that yesterday in Cabo - I'm going to join. I would attach a picture but it's only possible to link to one).

However, I would advise you to not only look for the social activity with expats determine your selection of area only. In my line of work I see people living here for 20-30 years and not speak a word of Spanish. This country with its rich culture has its own beauty and much more experiences in it, if you also integrate and learn the language.

Just my short 2 cents on your very broad request. If you want please specify your thoughts and I wish you both the best of luck!

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Carsten - H&E

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