Would like to make new friends of Indonesian/expats female around KLCC

Hello I am a Indonesian female living in KLCC area. During the day working as freelance/home-based graphic designer for advertising industry. Although I have lived in Malaysia for a while I have been busy with work and haven't had chance to make friends especially with Indonesian. Does anyone know of any women's groups around this area? Love having nights out at bars etc but most expats I met seem to meet have children or married without kids so cannot come out during the evening without them.

I would love to meeting for a coffee or even a drink to get in touch. Please feel free to contact me if you are a female and looking for a new friend!

Hi, i'm also indonesian !

May i know what kind of visa do you have to live in Malaysia? I got a job offer from a company there. And how long did you wait for your visa till it done? I've been waiting for a while but worry so much because i have no updates about that from company. And also i have a bf there who been waiting for me to come back. Hope we can hang out when i'm coming back in KL. Would love to share story and have drinks or coffee with you.

Salam Kenal,

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