Visa for my fiancee to come to Brazil

My fiancee is british, we met in Rio this year, while he was visiting Brazil on a turist visa.
He stayed his 180 days, leaving legally in 14th of July. We were living together for 4 months already.
He just proposed to me and my family wants to have him over for Xmas here in Brazil, to talk and make the arrangements for the wedding that will happen next year.
Can he come back on a fiancee visa?
How can that work out? I am feeling with mixed feelings i should be happy but now worried he wont be able to come!
any help will be super apreciatted


Hi there, he has to stay out of Brazil for 180 days from the day on has pastport,

I would say get married ASAP, even if it's just on paper for now, (do a 'casamento por procuracao, while he is in the UK) you can have the ceremony and all that later. 

From my experience it's a bit of a pain in the arse to get a visa for a fiance, which I guess would be the 'Uniao Estaval' (or something like that), you need lots of documents proving you have lived together for at least a year, (rental agreement, shared electricity/phone bill, shared health insurance,). 

Save yourself the hassle, get married on paper, (he will then no longer have to stay out of the country for a further 180 days as far as I know).   Then have the 'propper' wedding when you are ready, but at least he can live in Brazil until then. 

I'm not 100% sure how possible it is to do all of the above, but that would be the option I'd be researching.


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