Beware of illegal taxis at KLIA/KLIA2

From time to time there are reports in the local newspapers of newly arrived travelers being fleeced by illegal taxis at KLIA or KLIA2. The so-called taxi will charge something like RM300 or so for a one-way trip into KL. The stories cited cases "usually involving Middle Eastern tourists", but you never know.

If you have friends coming in from anywhere outside Malaysia into either airport, and nobody is picking them up, please let them know in advance not to take a taxi from anywhere else but the (official) taxi counter. Go find the counter, purchase the coupon there, and then go outside to the taxi waiting area (as guided by the staff of the taxi company).

Shah Alam

This crops up from time to time but the police crack down and get rid of them .... if the papers have the story right.
The same has been in the news on and off for at least ten years.

KLIA to the city is cheapest by train, and no rip off jobs guaranteed.

Counter Coupon Budget Taxi or Airport Limos are good at a fixed rate. RM100.00+ I also use Uber/ Grabcar services which is cheap and trustworthy (RM50.00+).

Family with supersize luggages, please opt for limo taxis at the airport/ 1Teksi (MPV).

I would disagree that the train is the cheapest, it was before they raised the fare earlier this year (could be longer ago than that). But if there are two or more of you a taxi or Uber is cheaper anymore.

If I'm going to be out of town for less than a week I typically drive to Putrajaya train stating and park there, and take the train to/from KLIA/2. So far that's worked out pretty good.

Iskandarhack your are absolutely correct, train is not the cheapest way to get from KLIA to the city and it never was even before the price hike. In fact, if you are traveling as a couple or family then train becomes the most expensive way to get from the airport to the city.

I would also add that unless your final destination is KL Sentral, you are going to need to spend again to go onwards to other parts of the city which pushes up your transportation costs even more.

It's important to point this out as we wouldn't want budget-minded people arriving in Malaysia and taking the train due to some posters giving wrong advice in this Forum.

iskandarhack :

I would disagree that the train is the cheapest,.

I've always travelled alone, meaning the RM50 fare for the very fast 30 minute trip is still good value for money when you compare a taxi at RM100 or more.

The fact is, it's faster and cheaper than a taxi until you get to three people or more.
If three are travelling together the taxi starts to win, but the journey time after a long flight should be considered as the taxi takes far longer to get to the city.

There is no way in this wide world I'd use an Uber or any of the other similar services, and no way I'd put their apps on my phone.

The train takes 33 minutes from KLIA to KL Sentral and 38 minutes from KLIA2. Taxis take about 45 minutes and you can add on 10 minutes to that if there is traffic. And taxis don't cost RM100 unless you take the Premier service. The budget or standard taxi costs about RM70 and will take you directly to your home or hotel.

A standard ticket on the train costs RM55 for an adult. That's RM110 for two adults which is far more than the RM70 a taxi charges to take you to right up to your doorstep.

The train will only go as far as KL Sentral so unless you are staying at Suasana Sentral or Suasana Sentral Loft Condos or at the Hilton or Meridien Hotels, then you're likely to have to pay for an LRT train or a taxi to get from KL Sentral to your final destination. That takes time because the taxi stands sometimes have queues and adds a lot of hassle after a long flight.

The fact is, the KL Ekspres is only cheaper than a taxi if you are traveling alone, and if your final destination is at KL Sentral.

As for Uber/Grabcar, I've never used them either, however, it's an alternative which is very cost effective and a personal choice.

But my choice for using a taxi is that it takes you right up to your doorstep, no matter which part of KL you are living.

Actually just got back from a two day trip to Singapore, and since there was four us and we were going to be gone less than 48 hours it was cheapest to just drive and pay the RM92 parking. The train would have 4x that, plus the cost of getting to/from KL  Sentral.

But this situation was unique because there was 4 of us and the stay less than two days.

troyventuress :

Counter Coupon Budget Taxi or Airport Limos are good at a fixed rate. RM100.00+ I also use Uber/ Grabcar services which is cheap and trustworthy (RM50.00+).

The limos are fine, but I don't trust the online stuff. … /id=57871/

But as you dig deeper you start to see that Uber’s value is not in running a car service, but rather in mining all kinds of data from the devices of those using its service. In fact, Uber’s privacy policy, which governs the information users allow them to collect from their devices, is substantially longer than the document labeled “terms of service.”

The above in mind, I ignore them regardless of fare.
Seems potentially dangerous to allow a company to access pretty much every bit of data on your phone, and allow it to control your camera when you've just got out of the shower.

Don't believe me?
Look at the permissions their app asks for, then ask if you want to allow someone you don't know access to your bank details.

This is really eye-popping!

I am not promoting Uber or Grabcar services. Just that I find their services cheaper, faster and OK as alternatives. They accept cash payments hence, you need not place your credit card info or full name on their app.

I, too share similar concerns about giving out details online and that is why I use an alternative email and nickname online. Away from my personal details.

troyventuress :

I, too share similar concerns about giving out details online and that is why I use an alternative email and nickname online. Away from my personal details.

But remember they can access pretty much everything on any phone you use their app on, including controlling your camera.

That and there are concerns about who they hire and what those people drive.

Not taxis as such, so none of the regulations that help keep taxis safe .. or as safe as they get in many countries with poor regulation and enforcement.

First of all, the topic.

Illegal taxis are the scourge of the country and they can be very aggressive too. Newcomers  should avoid any touts, whether they be at the airports or malls or anywhere. Legal taxis queue right in front of the places, the illegals lay back on the road and send the salesmen up to the front doors. I dont like the "zone" charges by the counter sales but its the approved method so what to do?

Onward, im shocked at this thread. Ok, the train charges may be up now but I bet I rode that train 50 times for RM35 and was never quoted less than RM70-100 by a legal taxi. So how can the train be the most expensive? If you are more than two people, then yes, LOOK at a taxi. But I was always quoted RM70-100 PLUS extra for more passengers and PLUS extra for each bag, and PLUS if its late at night. I never once took a taxi to the airport.

Nobody mentioned the BUS! I bet I took the bus 30 times for RM10 and RM12 for the Air Asia bus. Air Asia also gave discounts when you booked the ticket with the air ticket. The bus takes up to 1.5 hours and thats why I didnt take it all the time. Also, the bus (from KL Sentral) is very hesitant to leave until the bus is full and that can delay a hurried traveler. If you have the time, the bus is the cheapest. It drops you at KLIA and for RM5 more you can board a second shuttle to KLIA2. Its been two years since I last took the bus so prices may have changed.

How charges DO run up is taking the train to KL Sentral and then booking a taxi at the counter for your final destination. Depending on which Zone, it can add another RM30-40 to the train ticket. SInce its been mentioned that the price is now RM50 it would appear that except for the bus, taxi vs. train is about the same. The good part about the train is the firm schedule.

Last is yet another bus and I did this once. For very small money you can take a city bus to Nilai and then there is an airport shuttle for the rest of the way.

Oh and one more, I also once took the normal KTM train to where....Nilai? Now I cant remember ....and then the shuttle. That was years ago. Check KTM online. Price is dirt cheap but the problem is TIME. It could take hours because of its many stops along the way.

Oh and one more. I also have driven my own car and left it at the airport. This was cheap too--petrol and tolls. I also have ridden my motorcycle and not only is there no toll but also its free parking at the airport. Ideal for a weekend.

Oh....still another. That would be a friend to drive you but their own schedule may never meet yours. Once, a friend did it for petrol and tolls, I think it was RM40. That would seem too low now but depending on the friend it might be zero. I took people for zero.

And that reminds me, friends dont mind at least taking you to KL Sentral and I dont mind to ask them. Then take them to lunch or something when you get back.

If you have the time and patience, there are cheap ways to go. In any case, never get in a taxi that doesnt have a working meter! Some legal taxis are also crooks, they have tampered with the meters to make them run faster and thats just bad luck. It happened to me several times in the old days before a car. But if you are a frequent user of taxis and suspect a tampered meter, stop and get out and call the cops on him. Get his info from the card on the dashboard and number plate of the car.

To be honest it's been many years since I've taken a taxi, I too have done the train (back when it was RM35), the bus and once an scheduled airport limo. The limo was the best way by far, but it was more expensive, but IMHO worth it in this case We were going back to the US for 2-1/2 weeks, so parking at the airport not an option, too much luggage include my wife's electric mobility scooter so the train or bus wouldn't work, nor a regular taxi. But as I recall I bought it on Groupon for about RM119 each way to/from our house, so it wasn't bad. Actually thinking about it, that might have been cheaper than any way other considering we live pretty far across town from KL Sentral.

I've know many people that rave about the service they get with Uber and Grabcar over the taxis as well. If the taxis provided more honest and polite service there wouldn't be a market for these services. But IMHO the taxi drivers have brought a lot of competition onto themselves by not providing good service.

I'm not a paranoid about  online apps as others, but I don't need their services I have a car and bike and get around KL on my own - thus little need for taxi service. My normal way is to drive to Putrajaya Sentral, park there and take the very cheap train to the airport.

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