New in town!

Hey guys!

I recently arrived in Saigon to work as a tutor, and am desperate to meet some new people! Does anyone fancy a meet up over some food and/or a few beers? I'm living over in Thao Dien in D2, and would love someone to show me around and help me make the most of time here :) Looking forward to hearing from you!


What's up dude? I'm arriving 10.10 and I'll probably be in the same need if you want to meet up then.

Oh nice! That would be fantastic  :) Do you know where you'll be living?

Hi KingJ,

Where do you live in Thao Dien?

I live in Hoang Anh River View, 37 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien with 2 other house mates.

We do go out sometime for lunch/dinner, do you want to join us?

PM me with your email/phone no.

I'll be at a nice loft in District 1 starting Oct. 10. PM me and I'll send you my contact info.

Warm welcoming you guys.
I am Trang, currently live in district 2. Keep in touch and I am pleased to show you this city, I am food lover so we can hang out for food or beers sometimes  :top:

Welcome to Saigon and I think the best way to connect others is to meet up, hang out and join the events to connect the locals and expats together.

I would like to share you the trek trip event which will be organized by the ened of this month: … RKTkE/view

It is a really great experience. Do trek, experience, enjoy landscapes, meet local ethnics, connect other local and foreigner trekkers, cooking, camping. I have done it before and it is recommended to go - should not miss.

Hope that my information can be of help.


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