Is there any NFL fans around ?

Hi everyone

I'm big fan of NFL, I almost watch all games as much as I can, I'm Seattle Seahawks 12th man fan. 
I was wondering if there any NFL gather around here to talk about football.
Note: for any replies please stated your team below your reply or send me Private msg.

Thank you

sure, I am a Bucs fan and all Tampa Bay teams.

12th Man!!!! KAW!!!!

I love football and obviously a Seahawks fan as I am from Oregon. Unfortunately I am in Jeddah.  We watch the games when they are on OSN, but we don't get to choose the games (week one we got the Seahawks, but at 11pm).

Hey there
I am from St.petersburg, FL, I watch the games on my laptop, and i keep up with all the games result through sport sites. Good luck

I visit Jeddah more often and i will let you know my next visit so we can meet and hang out.

Hey there
Thank you guys for your replies,
another seahawks fan around in the house, that's what's up!!, I bought GamePass from NFL that will give me  total access  all the games and RED zone. I use apple Tv to watch.
Bucs Tampa Bay is great team and I think they will do a good job this season, I have Mike Evans in my fantasy team.

Nov 28 is Bucs and Seahawks game on Monday night. It should be a good game.

Yes sir, by that time Willison will be recover from his injury.  most of Monday night games is late for us but this game I like the time of it, it's gonna be at 12:05 am, yeah I know it's late but not as late as 3 or 3:30 am !

Nalattiq if you are in Riyadh you should try and meet teachers from American School or even see if Embassy does anything.

I know a few Seahawks fans in Jeddah due to them working at my kids school.

Yes i live in riyadh, that will be great if I get a chance to meet new people and making new friends, I will try to find way to do that, thanks for the tip.
If anyone see this post feel free to contacting me.

Got loud ,,, go Seahawks!

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