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Hi all,
Please could you all help me , we are in process to move to Bangkok and currently looking for information on school and Regents Int is one my two Secondary aged children seem most interested in. One is for Y12 (IB) and Y8.. I've been hearing negatives remarks about the owner but wonder how does that affect the students and teachers (or not at all) The campus looks beautiful and their Curriculum and IB has great feedback.  Just wondering if anyone who has attended there : has children currently in Secondary attending there could give us some honest feedback.  Much appreciated  have a lovely evening.

I have been living in Bangkok, for atleast 3 years now with my family. We are from Australia and transferred here due to my work assignment. As a parent, I am very critical in finding the right school for my son. Gladly, I found the right school which is Bangkok Prep. I would highly recommend this school as I am very satisfied with the level of education and great sense of community there. It's made the moving process easier on my child. It also has a fantastic location in the Thong Lo neighborhood and easy accessibility to the  BTS. You can get info from this page - … l-bangkok/

Also, the school has recently opened a brand new secondary school campus. Find more info about this campus here - … mpus-nut/.

NIST at Sukhumvit Soi 15 is a good school as well as Bangkok Pattana in Soi Bearing. These 2 schools are well known to expats who had kids studying there.

You need to decide how long you are staying here. If you go back to your own country, will your kid be able to blend back to the curriculum back home after studying in the school here for some years.

Those German speaking european countries people who are here will send their kids to Swiss German school in minburi as when they goes back home, their kids have no problem to continue their studies back home.

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