Recuirements for teaching jobs, HELP!

Hi, I'll apologise in advance, a lot of my questions have probably been asked many times in the forum, but I still hope somebody would have the time and knowledge to try to answer them. :)
I'm a 25-year old danish teacher, who are eager to move to vietnam and teach english. As I've already read several places, a bachelor-degree and a TEFL course is recuired. Along with being a native speaker.
So, my situation is a bit different. I'm a certified english and danish teacher  (bachelor degree), Had a course and finished exams in psychology and didactics, along with more than 5 months of teaching practice. I am not a native speaker, but I speak fluently and have stayed at an international school for 2 years in Uganda.
Right now I am a full-time teacher in a 7th grade in a danish school. I love it here, but a want a change of culture, environment and adventure.
So my question is:
If a save money to go to vietnam, travel a bit, look for schools and appartments:
Is it possible for me to find a job with my experience? And without a TEFL/CELTA?
How fast should I expect to find a job and appartment? - and in that case how much money should a bring to life for in the beginning?

I welcome any other advice! Thank you in advance!

I am not a teacher, but your situation sounds similar to recent threads. Search for archived teaching blog posts here.  Also look at the job classifieds for the variety of english teaching positions and employers.
You already have classroom experience. Why not, in the next two months, while you are planning your move, take a 120 hour TEFL class online? Only cost around $US200. Then you don't have to feel disadvantaged, and there will be more opportunities.
The larger language centers and international schools can be strict and selective for Celta and English-speaking country natives. But there are many smaller centers, also companies wanting to train employees, and I have heard outlying cities have a hard time attracting teachers. Tell them you are a native English speaker, northern europeans are anyway, and they probably won't notice your accent.
You can live alone for < $800 in Saigon, but allow for $1000. Network, Facebook Saigon Intl, Expats in HCMC, etc. You can find an apt in a week, maybe even a roommate arrangement. You might have to start with a part time job, or a couple, so you might not be meeting all your expenses to start.

Hi Hannah,

First of all, I think you should take time to learn and get TEFL, it's not  a big problem with such an experienced teacher like you. If you would like to work for a professional English center in Viet Nam, experience works a lot; however, as you are Danish maybe you have to prove more than Brits, Australian, American candidates. Be truthful and do not tell your recruiter you are native speaker of English in the first place because when they examine your portfolio including your passport and find out you're not, you'll very probably be disqualified.

In my opinion, 2000-2500 USD is sufficient for living in Ho Chi Minh City during the time you try to seek job unless you like to travel or enjoy yourself too much. Like Gobot said above, an initial part-time job might not be a bad idea for a start for daily expenses. On the other hand, Danish business community in HCMC is growing and would be a great help so don't worry too much.  :)

Please do not take this personally, but you will find employment because you are young, have blonde hair and likely blue eyes, and if you will pardon me, look very attractive.  The fact that you are not a native speaker is readily apparent based on this quote:  "I'm a 25-year old danish teacher, who are eager to move to vietnam and teach english. As I've already read several places, a bachelor-degree and a TEFL course is recuired. Along with being a native speaker."  It contains an incorrect verb form, failure to capitalize properly, and a sentence fragment.  I looked for "recuired" in a British dictionary thinking it may be a British spelling but could not find it.  Of course none of these things will be noticed by a Vietnamese language school hiring manager after he picks his jaw off the ground.  At the same time this manager will refuse to hire second generation Vietnamese or those who came to the US at an early age despite the fact that English is their second L1 as opposed to L2 in your case.  (Yes, you can have two L1's if you acquire them during the critical period.)  He also will not even consider an over fifty grey haired or balding retired school teacher from the US, UK, or AU.  He may consider applicants from the Philippines who have teaching degrees and perfect grammar, but only because he can pay them half as much as he will pay you.

As I said, please don't take this personally.  I'm just venting.

In a more helpful vein, you might consider getting a CELTA while still in Europe as opposed to a less expensive TEFL course.  This will validate your English ability at minimum level CEFR-1, which you likely are.  This is the baseline requirement to take the course.  The Cambridge website shows no CELTA course in Denmark.  However, you can fairly easily go to Cambridge itself or some other place in Britain to take the course, at least until they leave the EU and you will need a visa. … ons/celta/

THIGV may well think he is (just?) venting, but the  'blond, blue-eyed'  bit
is a well established fact even the feminists will confirm.

Truth is (not always) hurtful...

The bits of paper actually mean little more than looking good framed on
the office wall.   Assertive self-confidence with your prior experience will
guarantee YOU will be able to choose the work YOU want.

You have the advantage.  Do not dismiss it.

Choose carefully.   Read the fine print.  Too many use noble words and
paper promises riddled with rhetoric and sophistry.   ..just saying...     :whistle:

..and there are endless options re: accom. & living costs.   NGO's are
always looking for volunteers to teach English and provide free accom.
& food for a few hours work per week.   ..and it gets better...

Google is your friend.   Research and reap the benefits.

Welcome to (your?) Utopia...      :top:

HI !   I am looking for the teacher for kids  english class  around 9-11 years.
SMS me for more information
Ms. Phi Yen

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