Query regarding the EP


My husband visa application has been submitted 2 weeks before by non MSC company .Is there any way to check the status of the visa, as we are not getting any information regarding its status.
Even don' t know the application no.
So please if some one have any info. please let me know.
Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Why you dont check with the company that submitted your application

Taking up the followup , they are saying for non msc there is no as such link to check the status .
They are even not sure whats the status ,just hoping  in one week calling letter will come.
God knows how this process goes on !!.


Every application for EP need to be done online MSC/non MSC. There is no other way. Unless, back-door application.  Beware a lot of scammers out there promising gold.

So you mean to say there must be a way to check status online?


There is always a way to check the application..coz everything has to be done on ESD

They are saying application has been approved, now its has to be print might it can take one or two days for it.


Under which company did you apply


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