Expat Meetup @ Jakarta

Hey Expatriates,

Lets meetup on weekends in Jakarta for a coffee or a drink. Guys, who all interested, reply here and we fill form a group and will get together and also go for trips :)
All locals and expatriates are invited.. ;)


Hi Rash ;)

You should post your meet up in the Events in Jakarta section as well.

Sure Christine. Let's see how many are interested for meetup first. then will create an event :)

Hi Rash,

Great idea for a meetup. Unfortunately I live in Bandung which is a few hours away from Jakarta, otherwise I'd definitely join you guys  :)

Good luck.


Hi Hansson,

Thanks for your reply. we will plan for meetup once or twice in a month. So when you coming anytime in Jakarta, we can plan for that day :)

Yes, I created a group in manila 2 years before like this with 5 guys and it ends with 60 guys at last :)

We will create a group like here if all interested ;)


Where in Jakarta? :)

lets plan  :)

Sounds great to me too ... set up the first meet up soon.

Great.. Lets plan for meet up on 22nd October, saturday evening . its fine with all?

fine with me .. where do we meet up ?

Hello. I really wanna enjoy. how can I register then?

hey all! is it too late to register for the meet up ? i hope it's not....
and how to register for it ??

No need to register and all.. i will create an event and all can come on that day. Please let me know all your availability date and time. so i will create a event.. :)


Rash ... you mentioned 22nd evening meet up .. only the location is pending.

we can postponed to next weekend freddy. bcoz noone agree with 22nd. anyway i will create an event for 30th sunday evening.

Created an event on 30th sunday.

Venue: Anomali Coffee Shop @ Senopati
Time: 5pm-9pm

Expecting everyone to join. If anyone have other suggestions for venue, pls comment. … karta.html

Cheers ;)

thanks atram

Hi All,

Pls join the event on 30th :)

Sorry mate ... cant attend .. it is a Sunday night and Monday is a work day ... Please choose either a Friday or Saturday .... thanks

Hi Freddy,

I posted as 5pm. we can wind up before 8pm.

Mate .. I am not Freddy so stop calling me that ... even if we wind up at 8 pm I still have to travel to Bintaro area which would take atleast an hour to hour and a half to get home, 
Sorry that I cannot manage that ... surely you would get quite a few people to attend,

ohk.. sorry for that.. then we can postpone to some other day then..

Lets us Have a Cup of Coffee (Tea & Chocolate are available) on Starbucks - Sarinah Thamrin..for Friday Night,  Oct 28.. from 19:00 to 22:00.
Just to have a shot on friendship!

Sure thing mate ... Saturday is always good

I think all busy this weekend. Lets plan on next Saturday 5th nov evening. hope all can join tis time? ;)

Just wondering... you guys really meet up or not ? 😬

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