EP Category &new rule from Aug-2016. I am stuck with one scenario.

Hi All,

There is a new rule implemented from Aug-2016 for expats being hired (affected are main EP category III)

New Rule:
1. EP 1 - Category - For Consultants earning RM.5000  & Above - Can renew existing EP with release letter
2. EP 2 - Category - For Consultants educated in Malaysia and working there - Can renew existing EP
3. EP 3 - Category - For Consultants earning RM.2500 to RM.4999 - Cannot renew existing EP, Compulsorily to take cooling off period for 3 months (exit Malaysia) and then only Calling Visa can be applied after 3 months.
4. DP - Category - Cannot be converted to EP (Have to exit Malaysia), to process Calling Visa only.

My Scenario:
My EP Category                        : EP 3
My work permit is valid until : June-2017
Salary                                         : MYR 4xxx per month
Consultancy MSC Status         : Just obtained in 2016.
My Employer Name in Visa    : Agency X hired me. However obtained MSC status newly. Hence they outsourced the work to Agency Y and my Employer name is visa is attached to Agency Y (I am just under their payroll). However Agency X is receiving my salary from Client and etc etc unchanged.

Agency X was talking about the process to change my Employer name (from Agency Y to X) at the time of renewal. However now as per point 3 new rule, I will have to go through cooling period. What if my Client does not agree to it? What can be an alternative for me to not exit the country and continue with my visa renewal?

I have asked my Agency to look at revising my salary to 5k so that it would be easier to avoid a lengthy process

Please let me know if there is any other way out


Whether you are renewing or changing vompany uou still have to go out of the country for 90 days..3 months cooling period..You can change your salary to 5000 but when your visa expires you still have to exit the country for 72 hours and only enter with approval letter and vdr letter

Oh I see. Thank you for the info Shehajaz. Was helpful.

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