The Big Move


My husband and I are moving to Pune soon and I was wondering if anyone could give an idea about the good neighbourhoods for accommodation.
We are currently living in Manhattan, New York but originally from the UK, its just the two of us now but we are planning to start our family soon.
Ideally we are looking for at least 2bedroom minimum with gym services etc in the complex.
My husband's office would be in the Eon free zone so we would be looking for something that is close by as I've heard the traffic situation in Pune is quite bad.
A safe, friendly neighbourhood with good grocery and medical stores at a walking distance would be ideal.
We would be bringing our furniture with us as the company is going to provide with the shipping services.
Neither of us are very familiar with the lifestyle in India as we've only been on holiday visits from time to time.
Any advice on the locations and an idea for rent etc would be much appreciated. Also good shopping places for groceries.


koregaon park,viman nagar,yerwada,boat club road is best place.this 4 places are secure and safe.mall grocery also available.i live in pune from 7 years.if u need info or y have any quedtion about puna city plz pm me

Thank you for coming back to me.

A few questions if you can help.
1) my company will provide a housing benefit for renting there. Ideally we will be looking for a 2-3bed apartment in a good expat society complex. So I can compare, how much is the average rent in the places you mentioned.
2)regarding tax on housing benefit, I read on a website that this is charged at 15% rather than the normal income tax thresholds. Are you aware whether this is true as i didn't see it on the Indian tax website.



for 2 or 3 bhk 20000 to 25000 is rent.if u look more expat cmunity then chose koregaon park and kalyani nagar area.this is safe and lot of forgainer living here and safe also.i knew tax 15% tax charged gor houeing benefit.

from eon free zone to koregaon oark and kakyami nagar 15 to 25 minute time distance if u travel by cab ir car very near.gym and medical store all available there pub also .dont suggestion is chose koregaon park and kalyani nagar area.

Thank you. That helps :)

your welcome.welcome to pune city.

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