Visit Visa 14 to Family Visa 22

Hello everyone, I am already here in Kuwait under visit visa sponsored by Mom. I know it's hard to find a job these days while on Article 14, is it possible to transfer my visit visa to family visa/article 22? And is family visa transferable to work visa article 18 without having to exit? Btw I'm single because I ready that married daughter can no longer be sponsored by parents. Hoping for your promt response guys. Thank you.

It can be done but need some Vasta as usual.
For more details, please add me in your contacts to discuss further.


Hi Mohd. Thank you. What is vasta?

Surprising, you are in Kuwait and do not know the meaning of this word.

We would think of it as "wasta"...not "vasta".  Completely different sounds.

Surprising, you are in Kuwait and do not know the spelling of this word. :D

Lol.  Just got here 2 weeks ago so don't expect me to know all arabic words right away (I know only the basics like numbers and greeting). Anyway thank you, was able to find the meaning of wasta in google.


Hi Kate,

Sorry i wasn't referring to you :$

Hey Moh05,
I know that, no problem :)

One more question guys,

Do i still need to exit if my Mom will request to change my visa from visit to dependent? Thank you in advance. :)

Hi I'm Elena...have same question with...Visa 14 to visa it possible?

Thank you.

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