Please can any body help my friend

I have an entry visa to Kuwait I want to cancel because my name is misspelled on that visa, and the employer didn't take any action almost 3 months ago. They cannot issue me a new visa because of that existing visa. This entry visa is out July 5, 2016, entry visa would only have 90 days. If this entry visa will expire it would erase in the system of ministry of interior in Kuwait?

Same question. Are u done with your problem? Can u please let me know what u did to cancel ur visa? Thank u

Resend the original Visa to your employer so they can process the revision.
This also happened to me before joining Kuwait last May this year.
My middle name was missing on the Visa so I requested my employer to have it revised. I mailed them back the original visa and waited for almost 2 months before they sent me the revised Visa.

Thank u for the response. Very much appreciated. What if they don't want to cancel the expired visa? May i know some ways to solve this problem if ever u know something about this matter. Thank u so much.

Since it is expired it won't be a Valid document anymore.
So the thing is cancel it or not the Visa that is expired won't be useful.
As most of Expat says, the name is not an issue what matter most is that the Passport number reflected on the Visa is correct.

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