Arabic teacher

great teacher of Arabic, this is my second year I hand to study Arabic and I appeal to Professor Ebtessam. a patient teacher, the experience seen

Welcome on board  :cheers:

It's nice that you are thrilled by your Arabic teacher and you want the whole community to know it.
Unfortunately, it is not allowed to promote or advertise on the public forum, even when its hidden in a post.

I advise you to post a free add in the classified,  the language section.  You can provide more details such as telephone number and she will get better views when people are in search for a teacher.
This post on this forum will fade away when time pass.

Thanks for your cooperation.

is this an advertisement? or propaganda?

Hi everyone,

@ Khalidabadi, please drop an advert in the classifieds as suggested by our expert Primadonna or recommend your teacher in the business directory under the Private Teachers in Jordan section. Members will easily find his contact details.

Thanks in advance,

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