Entering Dubai as Tourist Visa

Hi. If for example your employed in Oman and s ur contract soon to expire. You wish to enter Dubai as a tourist visa upon the company releasing.  It is possible for u to enter as u plan also to look work in Dubai? It's is possible for the labor and employer to released u and enter Dubai rather than goin back to home country?

Yes..Once you have no problem with your employer at Oman and got all your exit forms from the said company. All you need to do is get a 90 days tourist visa and enter Dubai by air or land. You can then look for work and if you find one, the company can easily proceed in getting you the work Permit and residency visa.

Because I have friends in oman once their contract ended and they don't want to renew. they said that the company arrange fight ticket goin home country. The employer accompany them goin airport the day of fight to ensure that the employee will depart the country. Only that day they will give the released paper. Never the company allow one of employee to stay oman or exit goin Dubai. The practice observed for all employee who doesn't renew the contract. And only they can avail their annual leave of equivalent of 2 months once 2 years ended and follow by renewal. I don't know if labor of oman is like that.. or only that employer do that practice.  Do u think there something wrong on the practice of  the employer?

Well for starers in the labor law it does states your employer is to give you a fight ticket back to your "country of origin" so yes mostly they will only buy a flight back to your  home country not unless you have a good employer who will give you the money to do your own bookings and does not care where you will exit too....but looking from what you are saying, employers are mostly bitter that you did not renew your contract with them so "punish" you by buying you ticket straight to your home country and not a country of your choice and even make sure you do board the plane.

sorry to say that then you have no choice but to go to your home country and plan another trip to Dubai from there.

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