Ugent! Divorce in Egypt

Urgent help!! I am an European woman married with Egyptian man and we have a few months old baby. Since the beginning of our marriage, he managed to trick me first by convincing me to make a power of attorney to his lawyer to sign the marriage certificate in my name. Even though I insisted that he mention my conditions (such as traveling with future childred to my country of origin, right to have a job if I decide to do so etc), however he went ahead with signing marriage certificate without mentioning my conditions, saying that another power of attorney is needed for the conditions only. Since that time, even if I insisted, he refused to add the contitions.
After getting pregnant my marriage became a living hell, with him being extremelly agressive, often raising death threats, severely beating me even during my pregnancy and immediatelly after (even while I was holding the baby in my arms), he often threatens me by gun, or by putting knives to my neck saying he will kill me and the baby, threatening my mother with a gun while she was visiting us in Egypt, and the abuses go on and on..
In top of that he permanently keeps me locked in the house with no chance for me to contact anybody, except through a hidden e-mail, and I am able to do so only whenever my mobile is with me (as he often takes and checks my mobile).
He may have filled various claims against me without my knowledge, as he did with when signing the marriage certificate.
Question is, what are the chances/ solutions to get out from the house, with the baby of course, will police get involved in this? What are the chances of getting a divorce, and be able to travel to my country? Will judges take in consideration all the violence? We do not have properties together and I do not need any financial supoort from his side, even for the baby.
Urgent and sincere replies are highly appreciated.
(Note: he refuses to register our marriage certificate and our baby's birth cerrificate to my county's embassy, and it is possible that he may have issued a travel restriction for the baby. He is extremely revengeful and he will probably never agree with a divorce.

email your embassy immediately.

Tell your embassy immediately,and sure police will be involved and the consider violence and you can get divorce for that reason and baby should be with you till certain age .
Anyway your embassy should know all that
Good luck

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