Is there any place for foreigners in Binh Duong?

I just got here for my job any am going to stay here at least until December.
Since the company is located in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong, near Ho Chi Minh city.
So, I will be around this area during the week days probably.

But I do not want to be just stuck at home after work.
I would like to learn the language or meet new people.

Is there any one who has idea to get out of this situation?
Please let me know. I am listening to you.

Thank you very much for having your time.

If you succeed in learning to speak Vietnamese after work and weekends between now and December you will have my unbridled admiration.  I have met Chinese from Singapore and Hong Kong who have told me that they have given up on learning Vietnamese because the tones are so much more complex than in Mandarin.  One told me that the big difference is that an incorrect tone in Vietnamese changes meaning while a wrong tone in Mandarin just makes the speaker sound funny.  Learning Vietnamese is an admirable pursuit but it is unlikely that it can be done in 3 months.

I have some Viet friends is named "Nhi"

Me: Knee
Other friends: NO! KNEE!
Me: Knee
Other friends: NO! KNEE!
Me: Knee?
Other friends: NO! KNEE!

I'll be damned if they aren't saying "KNEE"...but apparently, they're not :)


Thank very much for your advice.

dupply :

Is there any one who has idea to get out of this situation?

On weekends you can get out of your "situation" via cheap bus to Saigon. Visit and take a class. Stay overnight in a hostel, also cheap.

Would you like to learn some Vietnamese. I want to learn some Korean. It 's great if we can exchange

Hello dubbly,
It's nice to hear that you are staying in Thu Dau Mot. My home town is here. I am a resident here who can speak English fluently and got 6 yrs experience in hospitality and travelling work. I work during the day and I am free for the rest of the day. So if you need any information, don't be hesitate to contact me cause I am willing to help expats here.
Moreover, we have nice accommodation for rent in a very secured and comfortable zone. If you are interested, please leave a message.
Thank you and have a nice stay.

I can help you! I'm living in Thu Dau Mot. You can help me practice english. And i can help you learn vietnamese.
You can cantact me by phone xxx. Text to me if you interest.

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If you want to practice English, I can help you on Sunday. But you have to come near my place since I don't have anything to commute on the day.

dear Dupply,
This is Ha and I am a new member of expat today. I have just saw your question and I think maybe I can give you some good advises,

my home town is Thu Dau mot so i am sure you will get an right answer for all things what u are looking for.

sincerely yours

you are also look exactly my friend who living in Vinh Longcity right now and his name is Yongsuk. 99% like him. haha

Thank you very much Ha.

I would like to know the paces where I can meet new friends while being here. It would be great if there is any English speaker community.

Actually in Binh Duong we do not have any place focus on foreigner services like District 1 HCMC. You can find a lot of place who only looking for the passenger or traveler in Pham Ngu Lao or Bụi Vien Street.  In Binh duong we don't have. But you can find some restaurant like club, restaurants, spa, cafe around Becamex tower or CHANH Nghia ward.
If you want to explore or meet some one who can speak English I will let you know more detail. Thanks

Thank you very much. Is there any good restaurants or bars near there?

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