Work Permit B : Company Lease Car trade policy in belgium

Hello all,

My husband is working in Brussels and he has a company lease car.

Each month certain amount gets deducted and added from salary to compensate benefit in kind (company lease car)

Apart from this benefit in kind another 400 euros gets deducted from the monthly gross salary as we are leasing the car.

For example 4500 gross became 4100 after deducting the lease amount for the car. In the monthly pay slip the gross will be 4100 and from this benefit in kind will be added and deducted to compensate.

For the first few months we did not lease the car.So the payslip had the amount as 4500 and after we started leasing the car new agreement (amendment to the existing contract) was made with gross as 4100 and payslips also reflected it.

Work permit B was sent for renewal and the employment office has put the file in pending.

The reason they say is salary should not get reduced.We have given the reason as it is due to company lease car trade policy.But they are not accepting this reason.

The gross annual salary is above 55,000 euros.

Please let me know if anyone has come across such car policy and is this policy normal, also if anyone had similar experience with work permit B renewal.



Wow, 400€ for company car !!! It's a big car...

Hello Narmatha,

Hope the issue is resolved now.
I am going to lease a car from the company now.
If it is resolved, can you let me know how was it resolved?


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