Apostille service recommendation in the USA?

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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using a Apostille  service in the US to get their documents done?  I have been trying to get my documentation done but just don't have the time needed to track down all the correct notaries needed for my wife and I. We have multiple documents in several different states that need to be stamped.

Any recommendations or warning on who to avoid would be greatly appreciated!


In new york city i went to the city clerks office for free notary. For the Apostille I went to the state department who charged only $10.00 per doc. Should be the same in your city

Yes. My firm Abreu & Associates Immigration Services apostilles documents from the US on a regular basis. We would be happy to assist you. Please contact us abreuimmigration dot com.

I  understand that they need to be done In the USA not here.  Is that not correct?

Our firm has a partnership with a company in the US that apostilles any document and then sends it back to DR.

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This is good information to know and may make things easier for many.  Thanks

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We had ours done in Washington DC at the State department.
Good luck !

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