Moving to NZ with Resident Visa - Need Inputs

Hi All,

I am a Telecom professional with 11.5 years of experience and working in a leading mobile company as a Tech.Manager[2G/3G/4G], holding PMP and CSM certifications.
I am planning to move to NZ in Jan’17 along with my wife and 4 year old kid and already having NZ Resident Visa.
I am planning to come to NZ after leaving my current Job as it seems bit hard to get a Job while you are not physically available in NZ. But bit worried about Job hunt and how much time it will take. Also, I was there in Auckland for 2 weeks and was unable to get a call in Telecom/ Wireless domain at that time.

I am very well settled in Delhi but better quality of life/ work-life balance is main factor which is pushing me to settle in NZ.
And, also I think it will take at least 1-2 years before I will start enjoying same quality of life in terms of own house, car, secure Job… which I am having here right now.
Will really appreciate any inputs regarding Job Hunt, living and if it will be a wise decision to move permanently.
Also, I would like to have inputs on which city to move in initially. Auckland seems to be an obvious option but what about other cities - Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch..


Hi All,

Any inputs?

Harsh - I moved to NZ on a resident visa in 2012. I moved with my wife and 2 kids. Yes it could be a little challenging to get your first job, but it all depends on your approach to job market. The nice thing is I'm able to learn quite a few things after getting out of the comfort zone from my previous job in India.
Now, here are my 2cents: 1. Always be Preparing, 2. Improve your network locally and more importantly, try to get in touch with people who have more contacts locally and can help.

I could be one of the second category of people with few contacts to my credit. You can get in touch with me and I'm happy to guide. I have some contacts in Telecom sector.

Stay in touch. My email is kirankp(at)yahoo.comNow, try to find me on linkedin :)

Hi Kiran, I assume you are based in Wellington city along with your family. On my end, we (myself, my wife and 2 kids) are planning to come to Wellington by early January 2017 and this would be for the first time that we're coming to New Zealand. I might need your guidance on places to live in Wellington, somewhere close to Victoria University (my wife is expected to pursue her further studies over there). I am from IT and so I would be coming over there on an open work visa as a partner to my spouse, and we're planning for our kids to studying in state schools. My elder one is expected to be studying in the 10th grade, while the younger one in grade 3, so we would be looking out for appropriate schools also for them closeby to where we would stay.

Thanks a lot kiran.
Really appreciate your reply.
Yes, you are right its always difficult to come out of the comfort zone and start things afresh in an
altogether new environment. 
And, yes job hunt is challenging and what makes it tougher is that employer/ consultants do not show interest in conducting skype/ telephonic discussions and put more stress on physical availability in NZ and it ultimately leads to one option only i.e to leave your current job and then come to NZ. Thinking of the situation with no Job[ and no salary :) ] and that too after spending 12 years in industry is the only thing which bothers me most.. :)
Will get in touch with you through email & linkedin for more insights and further discussion.
Thanks again.


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