Expired Temporary Residence Visa and overstayed.


My name is Zoe and I am currently living in Santiago.

Story is that i applied for a residency visa in London back in November of 2015. I was granted a 2 month visa. Person at the consulate told me I had to go back and then apply for residential visa. I told her what did I need to have, she could not tell me, as she did not know.
So a week before my visa ran out I went to the place in Santo Domingo, in which they told me I had to pay for a dr's physical, more lawyer things, have someone that I know that has more than 100,000 pesos in the bank/property etc. Being married to a Dominican was not enough which is what they said.

As on now, my visa is expired and I plan to go back to London in December, via New York when my husband lives.

My question is that I am worried about leaving and if there will be an issue. I know I will have to pay the overstay fees which im fine about. Im more worried about if I will be banned from the country and they will not issue me a tourist card or another residency. All I have read about is tourist card overstays not residency visa.

Just wondering if anyone knows if paying the overstay fees would be all in my situation.
Please let me know, as I am quite worried.

Thank You

No worries, they are always happy to receive money.  You can either go to the immigration office and pay for your overstay fine in advance if you have your travel ticket confirmed, or wait and pay it at the airport when you are leaving.  Allow about 15 minutes or so extra on departing as there may be a line up.   Just be sure you are paying the correct amount that has been posted on this site many times.  It's now posted in the airports so there should not be an issue.  There will be no problems returning...

Thank you for the quick reply back.  So they won't question me at the airport why I did not renew the visa and why I am staying here illegally.  I used to come on tourist cards and pay when I leave, but seeing that it is a visa and it different when they expire I was worried that they would ban me from coming back.

No, nothing illegal about it...just depart with your passport and pay the fine...

You are getting the  right advice.  Just pay the overstay fine at the airport but know in advance what it is!

Go to this thread:

Read it with regards to what you need to get back home and bring with you when you return. Then get a LAWYER who can guide you thru the process this time. I can recommend Wilson Rood in SD who speaks perfect English and is very well priced.  He will help you.  Email him at wilsonrood[at]

Hi Zoe:

Just one question, were you issued a residency visa (initials RS)? If so, you do not need to apply for a new visa via the consulate.  You will just need to pay a fine at immigration when you deposit a file for residency for the expired visa.   What is more, the residency process no longer requires a guarantor (Dominican residents/citizens with solvency).  Now, you must purchase an insurance policy for purposes of expatriation.  Sounds like you just need to complete the residency process here in the DR with the Immigration Dept.

All her documents will be expired so she needs to start over.

An expired visa does NOT require that the applicant start the process over with the consulate.  She may need to replace her expired documents for the residency process but this does not include applying for a new visa.  The expired visa can be used for the residency process at the Immigration Dept.  However, due to the fact that it is expired, the applicant will have to pay a penalty depending on the length of time the visa has been expired.  For example if a visa has been expired for a year the applicant may be penalized RD$16,000.00 by the Immigration Dept. at the time her file is deposited for a the residency process.   The Immigration Dept has an actual cost table indicating the penalties to be paid for expired visas.

Thanks ... good info

Bob K

And the fact remains SHE NEEDS NEW DOCUMENTS  which she must get at home. Is that not correct?????

As indicated in my post the documents that are expired must be replaced, however, going home to do so depends on the circumstance of the individual.  I know of applicants that have sent away for new documents while still in the DR.  The documents were not the focus of my post, but the fact that she does not need to apply for a new residence visa.  Also, she should keep in mind that since she is clear to apply for residency with the current visa although same is expired, the only documents she needs to replace are birth certificate, marraige certificate (if applicable) and the police clearance.  This is in the event that she is applying for temporary residency, because permanent residency through the investment department requires additional documents.

Yes we are on the same page,  does she not have to also get a new medical certificate?  That has to be in person as does the police check in most cases.

She does not require a new medical certifiate, this would only apply if she is re- applying for a visa.  The medical certificate would be among the documents that need to be provided to the Dominican Consulate in her country of origin.  For the residency process, the Immigration Dept. will direct her to have a medical exam in a facility certified by them here in the DR and this will only be authorized after a complete file has been deposited and reviewed by their evaluation dept.  A police clearance in some cases does require the applicant's presence unless the foreginer chose to work with an agency associated with the Embassy.  At any rate, my understanding is that she has already scheduled a trip to her country so taking advantage of same to update her documents would be the best course to follow.

Interesting,  thanks for clarifying.

My pleasure!

How are you? So departing back to london in 2 weeks and getting nervous about leaving. Am thr kind of person who always thinks the worst. Anyway, I was just wonderinflg if you would know where some immigration offices are so I could pay the fines before leaving. I live in santiago. My visa expired mid january and leaving beginning of december so have overstayed nearly a year, are the overstay fees the same price as the tourist card fees. Cant seem to find prices.
Let me know if you have any information or links.

Thank you

Overstay fines are covered on a thread of its own here!


I was living with my family in Santo Domingo, then I had to travel to Malaysia to finish my studies and work. I was not able to come back to Santo Domingo and now my cedula has expired since the end of 2015. I was wondering if I will be able to come back to the country with my expired cedula or I will be banned from entering, because I heard that I need to pay taxes only, and if I need to pay taxes only how would I know the exact correct amount.

Thank you.

You will not have to pay when you enter. You will  enter like a tourist.  Your fine will apply when you leave if you do not renew the cedula.

It is expensive to renew cedular & drivers license.  $500.00 per year of expiration each.

Not correct information!

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