Apply for a Visa (Financial proofs)

I am trying to apply for a student visa to Germany, because I have been admitted in a master in university of Passau!
But I am concerned about the financial proofs,
on the embassy website they are saying that I have two options:
1-" block an amount of money in a german bank account with a monthly withdrawal " I am wondering: how am I gonna open a german bank account and block the money if I am in Morocco?
2- a person resident in Germany takes me in charge: I don't have any family member in Germany, only close friends that are willing to take me in charge , so is it possible that a person not relative takes me in charge? if not could my sister who is living in France takes me in charge?
I would be grateful if you share with me how did you manage the financial proofs to apply for a student visa?
Thank you

This website gives a comprehensive overview of issues related to foreigners studying in Germany:

http://www.internationale-studierende.d … financing/

I found the following test on the site. It mentions more possibilities to guarantee the financing but doesn’t actually give details HOW such things are done. Maybe you can contact them for further information.

“How are you going to finance your studies?
In order to get a visa you must be able to prove that you can finance your studies. At least the first year of your studies must be completely financed.
The German authorities assume a certain minimum amount which you must have at your disposal each month. At the moment this lies at 670 Euro per month which comes to a total of 8,040 Euro for the first year of studies. However it is possible that proof of a higher amount might be asked for. Starting from autumn 2016 this figure will rise up to 8,820 Euro per academic year.
Proof of financing can be shown in different ways. It is imperative that you enquire at the German Embassy in your country in what form the proof should be shown!
In principle the following ways are possible:
•    Your parents submit appropriate statements of income and assets.
•    Someone living in Germany guarantees the Aliens Department that they will bear the costs for you.
•    An amount is deposited as security onto a blocked account.
•    You provide a bank guarantee.
•    You receive a scholarship from a recognized grantor.
•    You receive financial support according to the German student's financial aid program (BAföG).
Do not underestimate the proof of financing. It is more than just a bureaucratic hurdle; you should make sure that even after the first year of your studies you have a certain amount of financial support to fall back on.
For a long time it was relatively easy for students to find work, but this situation has changed due to the long term mass unemployment in Germany. Work is now mostly restricted and financing your studies completely by working is hardly possible.”

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