US Student Visa Refusal

I am 27 years old Female and I had applied for an MBA program at Oral Roberts University. Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was to join there this fall 2016 but unfortunately my visa got refused.
I am an Indian living in Saudi , i have lived here all my life and while applying for a visa I was very confident of getting it done. I was refused twice with no certain reason of rejection. In my first Ds160 form I mistakenly filled my home address with the address of India instead of Saudi. i thought that could have been the reason of rejection, so i applied again. I was again refused and said even If i returned the next day I would be given the same answer.
can anyone guide me in this regard and what should I do .

Hi Jennif27,

Till members shed the light on your queries maybe you could go through the following article : … -visa.html

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