Planning a profesional career path for immigration

Hello! I belong to a family of Jordanian nationals. Two of my brothers have recently started planning on immigrating, with one enrolling in a study-then-work programme in Canada while the other is seeking a job in marketing in Australia.

I am interested in crafting a professional career path for catching up with either one of them. Of course, this is not to say that it will be easy, but having a clear vision of which paths are safer and more rewarding to invest in is the sensible thing to do.

The ultimate goal is to stay long enough to get a Permanent Residency and, eventually, the citizenship.

The kind of information I need the most is about any jobs that suit my basic skillsets, and whatever qualifications I need for them. Also, if I need to know anything about immigration laws, please tell me. I am a complete novice.

I am 23 years old, have so far finished high school and a foundation in multimedia arts, and am working with my brothers on a commercial video game which will soon be in my CV. Furthermore, I am free with my time and my parents are willing to fund any further education/training my anticipated career path might require.

Below are some of the essential skillsets that I’m willing to invest in.

Bilingual Talking & Writing Skills (Arabic/English)
This by far is my only out-of-the-box skillset. What can I do with it? Do you think it could help me secure any stable jobs other than teaching Arabic, which I am not qualified for?

So far not specialized in a specific type, but it’s something that I absolutely love and have excelled at with my basic equipment throughout my travels. I think I can safely say that people and landscape photography are the staple of my hobby and passion. I also dream about photographing wildlife one day but I’d need much more expensive equipment.

Programming (Software Development)
A notably tedious path, but one that is almost guaranteed to land a job in any developed country, and perfectly complements my top-notch logical skills. This without doubt is a field that I would excel at and enjoy, should I go all the way in it.

A possibly more tedious path than programming, and not one that I can say that I’m 100% sure about (as someone who loves and excels at drawing but has never made a job or a constant habit out of it, or out of animation that is). However, it’s up for consideration.

Other ideas
I am generally passionate about creative productions, and although not a professional in any of those, I could get extra training for any of: digital painting (for a concept artist position), voice acting, and possibly sound effect design. And last but not least, are small business startups anywhere near possible? By small, I mean folding my sleeves up and setting up my own food truck on a very scarce budget.

Now, programming will probably come to most of you as the obvious answer. But since this part is hardly arguable, I'd really appreciate it if anyone could elaborate on the others.

Thanks in advance!

Australia is one of the hardest countries to emigrate too on a work visa.  You need to be qualified on one of the wanted skills list which are mostly quite professional employments.  Nothing you have said will give you any chance of getting a work visa.  Even if you do get a work visa it will not give you the right to a permanent residence or citizenship, I think you really need to do much more research as its going to be near impossible to get a work visa on your current situation.  Also jobs are getting very difficult to get now and Australia is seeing a rise in unemployment which makes it much more difficult for foreigners to get jobs as companies will give jobs to Australian citizens first.

Regardless of difficulty, foreigners will continue to move in and get jobs. It's just a question of which work experiences are more likely to get you a job, and whether that job could eventually grant you a citizenship or not.

People migrate with their professionals all the time, or just because they have the money.

I don't have the latter, but I can learn to attain the first. It's not an impossibility; it's just a matter of dedication, and taking a few blows down the curvy road.

P.S. I thought it was clear from the context that I'm considering a professional employment path that would assist me in finding jobs AFTER accumulating a few years' experience (basically having already established a professional career).

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