Looking for french classes for my daughter


my daughter, 15 years old, just moved to Paris, after living in Asia for 14 years  she is italian fluent in english and italian.
she is going to a NF class with younger kids integration year to learn french, possibly she will go to Lycée next year depending on her knowledge in french language.

i wish to have for her french classes or playful activities where she can meet teenagers too.

we live in the 15 arrondissement
thanks for suggestions

Hi Ilaj,

Maybe you could try here :

All the best,

Good evening,

Do you know about the LYCÉE INTERNATIONAL in St. Germain-en-Laye? Bilingual classes (70% French, 30% mothertongue classes), one year  "français spécial" before integrating the "normal" French class for scholars coming from a foreign country?

The Italian section takes everybody and is either free or rather cheep, while the British and American sections are expensive and don't take everybody.

Kind regards.

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