purchased a condo in Caberette. Heading there from U.S

Hello my name is Jay J Hood from Cocoa Beach Florida.  I purchased a condo in Caberette last April and will be headed over from the US.

I will be doing most of the things you have already been through.  Residency, drivers license and making new friends.  The toughest thing for me will be learning not to work 24 / 7

I have lived in several countries so think I can make the adjustment but time will tell.


Jay J Hood

Jay welcome to the forum. We look forward to  your contributions.

Where in Cabarete.  We had a condo (recently sold) as a rental unit in Ocean Dream

Bob K

Hello Jay; A small world. I was raised in Eau Gallie and just sold my condo in Indialantic Beach in order to purchase in the DR.

I bought in Perla Marina on Kite beach.  Seems to be a decent enough place but time will tell

I have a lot to learn about the DR

I have decided to make a three week trip to China and then head to the DR in early November




Thanks for the welcome   It is kind of you to share with the new people like me.

I am reading all the post

Will arrive in November and looking forward to starting the adventure



Jay welcome.  Have you seen the condo/villa you have purchased?  I ask this because Kite beach and Perla Marina are two different places.

Funny we leave for a 3 week trip to China early next month.

Bob K


Closed on the condo and have done the remodel.  Kite beach is what some of the people there called it but all I know is the beach is perfect for me.  To my left it is rocky and the amplify so the sound of the waves, to the right pure sand beach. This is why I bought there   I don't kite board

I drove the around the DR beachside and when I saw an area that looked interesting I grabbed a hotel room when I finished I liked this area best so scheduled another trip to look at properties.   

I ride a bicycle mornings and this area worked for me. I am sure after living there for a while I will discover other areas but what a great place to start



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