Divorce in the Philippines. Possible?

could you give me the name of that efficient attorney please
I am desperately looking for one like him!
many thanks in advance

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Most annulments involve giving bribes to various people like mental health proffesionals.
The process can take many years and a LOT of money! At the end of this time the judge is very likely to say "no" and you will just have to except his decision.

Hi everybody,

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Annulment is illegal in the Philippine's unless you can prove your partner has mental health if this is not the case you have to bribe a psychiatric expert to say that this is true.
I know many many Westerners that have spent hundreds of thousands of Pesos trying to do this and still end up with nothing!
If you want to throw your money away....give it to the poor... Not the rich!

There is no such a thing as divorce in Philippines. Once your loved one was married, she is married.
Many lawyers and others will tell you and promise you that it will be done. Prepare your pocket to drain and your hopes to vanish.
If the husband was foreigner yes annulment can be done. If the husband was Filipino and married abroad and recognized the marriage in Philippines, can annul (divorce) abroad but not in Philippines.
Many will offer you "side solutions" of many forms. Which might had worked 10-15 years ago and even might work temporarily at your area. You'll think that's all that you need. Have in mind all these records now days are computerized many different government authorities correspond to all these records and while you are "annulled" in the X city, you go to the immigration or the NSO or the NBI for any certificate after you thought you are married for so long with your loved one....and you find out that she is still married to Mr. Filipino and plus you go in the ordeal accused for fraud and whatever else they might charge you with. Next step is deportation. That might not sound terrible but think that you might stay at Bicutan jail for over 3 years until your case goes on trial and finally deported. So immediate deportation would be heaven.
Be careful what you ask for and what you are offered. The fact that they are legal lawyers or so, does not necessarily means that they do handle your case the legal way. Anyway you are a foreigner in the country and you can do no harm to them in any way.

try atty. manubag, he gave me an excellent advise. free of charge :)

Have you got an annulment?

not yet, but will start process with atty Mariel in Manila, as suggested before

So how do you kniw he is good?

simply coz recommended by Pr Cebu...
do u have negative comments about her?

Does she do "no win no fee"? I bet she doesn't
I try to warn vulnerable westerners of the rip off mechants that get people like you to advise them to throw there money down the drain. How do you sleep at night.
I dont know how lets you get away with it!

According to my Filipino friends, annulment in the Philippines is terrible. The process takes too long and it's expensive. I wonder why there's no divorce there because it's cheap compare to annulment. To Filipinos here, is it true that you will spend like 500,000 for an annulment?

It seems that there is a lot of confusion in this thread as the title is about divorce but everybody talks about annulment, 2 completely different things.

Yes, divorce is legal in the Philippines IF the two Filipinos are muslims or one of the spouses is a foreigner. In the second case (one spouse a foreigner) this is the foreigner who will process the divorce requests and pay all the expenses in his own country. When the foreign country recognizes the divorce, the papers will be processed by the Filipino spouse in the court of the Philippines. The judge will automatically recognize and sign the divorce paper. It is very cheap and easy on the side of the Filipino spouse. What you should know is that two Filipinos will marry (in the Philippines or abroad), they are not allowed to divorce. BUT there is an exception : one of the two Filipinos becomes a foreign national BEFORE  the divorce, then the couple is allowed to divorce. The Filipino who became a foreign national will take charge of everything as described above.

Of course, if the couple is Filipino, they are not allowed to divorce. The only process would be annulment if one wants to remarry. Annulment means that there was no wedding in the first place (as if nothing happened before) contrary to a divorce which recognized that there was a wedding and a common life.
Annulment is still long and expensive.

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