PR Visa holder - how to overcome local experience seeking a job


I am Yaron, I have been in Adelaide since August 3rd, 2016, as a PR visa holder.

I am an experienced IT Manager / Systems Administrator - with over 25 years of experience. There is no doubt I can do any IT job, and I have applied to many positions, still getting rejected replies.

I am finding it hard to pass the need for local experience...employers here are seeking, I would appreciate any tips :) from expats here who managed to get their first job.


Hi Fonzy,

I am facing the same issue as you. This are some readings I found online and I hope that might help you in finding your first Australian job:

Don't expect a job at the same level or higher than you had overseas. You may lack Australian local knowledge and may need to take a step back in order to advance later. Wait one year.
In other words accept lower package payment or junior positions.

Employers appear worried about the communication skills of skilled immigrants.
From: https://perthrelocationlatestnews.wordp … australia/
Explained that you have IELTS or any other International English Certificate and add that you have previous experience working in an international company.

I have read somewhere that it is easier to get a job in Government as an immigrant. Not sure if it is true or not.
I would suggest to volunteer in your profession. You can look on That could give you an exposure to the Australian way of working.

I wish you the very best of luck in your job search!

Hi ivonaanovi ,

I know about all that you have provided in your reply.

The only solution I found here, was to start communicating, socializing and connect with people, and I have achieved connections that have created recommendations, and opportunities.

I have been to an Interview (my first one) since 3 months, and have more meetings still scheduled.

I have no delusions of gaining a job that is equal to my high ranked ones, I look for any type of computer technical job, open for anything, and still I might be over qualified, or might have other local australians, that are getting first places before me, even though I definitely possess the skills required for the position in the ads.

I know it takes time, and I understand what the process entails.

That said, I still think the government of the Australian State, that provides the State sponsorship, for immigrants, to come to Australia, and join the work force, because of lack of professionals that are in demand, should guide employers to be open to at least, interview an immigrant, and see/check its suitability, then decide for themselves, if a candidate is worthy to be hired or not.

Thats all I am saying :)

Thanks for your comment/reply.

Cheers, No Worries.

Hello Yaron,

How are you doing ? Have you found a job in your arena ?

Cheers !


Hi SeeKay,

Thanks for asking, nope I am still seeking a job.

I am connecting with more people, and creating new connections, meeting more IT recruiting companies. doing everything I can, and its almost christmas, so job hunting will slow down till end of january.

Still its a work in process.

thanks again.

Good to see your reply and stay positive, you will definitely land into a good job.

Good luck and stay in touch

Cheers !

Thanks Chandan , for encouraging

I hope to get a job soon :)


Even for Volunteering Oz are quite nationalists....

You probably can get experience in fruit picking or work as waiter... if you are lucky.

Quite hard to almost impossible to get this experience without a good local network ....

Keep trying !

Hi Yaron, 

Keep your positive thinking. Have you got the job ?

I have the same experience in Brisbane. I have been looking for job in accounting since Nov 2016 till today I only got rejection of my application.

I moved to Australia with spouse visa and I had overseas experience in Singapore, but it seems very difficult to meet their requirement.

I hope you get the job soon and keep trying. have good day.


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