is there any one know jeddah or riyadh fabric market

I want open a shop in Saudi Arabia sells upholstery fabric.
Is there any friends in jeddah or riyadh konw any sofa fabric marekt?

Yes. In Jeddah you can try 'sawareekh' - translated to 'rockets' - market in South Jeddah. It is the cheapest you can find. How you can find what you are looking for.

Name this sooq kilo2 makah road or sooq itehad

Hi there.... I am pretty sure that Sook Itehad in old Makkah road K2 is mainly for hardware electronic stuff such as washing machines, ovens A/Cs as well as furniture. If Sawareekh is too far, then perhaps Hindawya near balad is the place to try. I hope this helps.

Hindaweya doesn't sell anything related to fabrics, kilo 2 is dying down but it does have a market.

If your target market is sofas then you can also try Mahmood Saeed (King Fahad Road/Rawdah St).

What kind of fabric are you looking to provide? quality etc?

can u explain to. me pls
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