Going to Merida Saturday, October 1st.

My husband and I will be flying to Merida next Saturday to check it out in hopes of retiring and moving there by end of summer next year. We would love  to meet up with other expatriates just to hear about your experiences and ideas. We will be there for a week and also plan to visit Progreso for a day and would like to meet expatriates there as well.

Let me know if you would like to meet for coffee or a drink! We will be staying at the Holiday Inn in Merida.

We are super excited about the journey to retirement ahead of us.

Thanks, Debi and Johnny

I'm not there yet, but I'm interested in hearing how things pan out for you both!  I am going in December.
Do you have a real estate contact?  In Merida there is no MLS....all the contacts have their own listings, so I was told to use them all!  I terested in what you find out!

I will let you know. I hope to meet other expat so we can get a real feel for it all. We are really excited and hope to come back with lots of new information.

Ally we loved Merida! It's clean, white, friendly, family oriented, and overall beautiful!!! We decided we will move there for sure next year. It's very safe and the people are kind and helpful.

We met several expats that made us feel even better about our decision. Be sure to visit the English library downtown as they are very helpful with any questions you might have.

Eat, drink and enjoy your stay. It's a great place!

I am planning on going to Progreso in November. Have places on the beach to look at.

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