Happy to join your forum

Hi every one I'm glad to join this forum, I went through some of your discussions and I found it really good. I'm Faten, from Tunisia and resident in UAE, I want to move to Canada and I will be glad if I will get a job opportunity. I'm more then happy to share my resume or details CV along with the JDs.

My current occupation is Assistant Human Resources Manager - Jumeirah International LLC - Dubai

Languages: French ,English and Arabic

Looking forward to develop more with all.

Have a good day

Faten Ben Salem

Hi Faten  :cheers:
Welcome among us, and best of luck in your job search!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
Your long experience is good news for you, as is your experience with Bell.
Feel free to look around the 'jobs' section at the too of this page, perhaps adding your CV in the appropriate section.

Thank you very much for your welcome guys

Hi everyone,

@ Faten, welcome on board  :)

Since you want to move to Canada, your thread has been moved to the Canada forum. Do not hesitate to go through the articles in the Living in Canada guide to gather as much information as possible and to drop an advert in the Jobs in Canada section.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna:)

Thank so very much for your reply and goodness much appreciated. I will go through the provided link :)

Have a nice day

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