Getting Certified to Teach In Bulgaria

I am guessing this is a real long shot in this forum, but I thought I would ask.

Does anyone have any experience getting a teacher's certificate in Bulgaria? Not a TEFL certificate but an actual teaching certificate to teach another subject in a foreign language high school. I am not interested in teaching English.

I have a bachelors of sociology from the US and would like to get a masters w/ teaching accreditation but so far all of the programs I am finding require a bachelors in education. I really do not want to go to a Bulgarian university to repeat a bachelors if I don't need to.


I deal to some extent wit Certifications and just wondered why would you need this. Actually, if no one requires this certificate just do not worry for not having one.

Otherwise, your options are:

1. Try to get such a certificate form the university, where you graduated sociology;

2. There's a number of Pedagogical colleges in Bulgaria, 2 yrs I think, but not sure whether they have sociology related subject there, they teach mainly methodology, psychology of learners, motivation,  lesson planning, etc. … edstavyane … pedagogika

3. Full course in a Bulgarian university;

4. Place in a BG University as Assisstant professor in Sociology

5. Online based certification course in the field.

As far as I understand, as of 2014, all teachers need a degree in pedagogy. I would love if I am wrong about this?

where did you see this ?

In a few articles I was reading. Such as:

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