Yoga in Jabriya

Does any one know where they have Yoga classes in Jabriya?

Hi Dalegsxr,

Till members provide you some informations, i suggest you drop an advert in the Yoga classes in Kuwait section of the website so that you may get some offers.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna

Your suggestion about the advert is a good one, but where is the "Yoga classes in Kuwait" section that you talk about?

Hi, Dale
I heard an unlimited hours yoga class with 24kd per month but I have to confirm it with my friend who gave this information.
Best regards

Would be curious to know if these are coed yoga classes (so wife and I could do them)

I do know there is a free coed yoga class every Saturday morning in one of the parks in city. It is opposite Altijari complex.

My wife is coming back next month this time for three months.
She was here for two weeks recently but did not have a chance to find a good place.
You can email me the details if you like, xxx
Any help would be great


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I am also interested in coed yoga for myself and husband. We live in Khaitan. We have seen information on a few yoga places online but the prices are too out of our price range.

Hi, every one ! Alive yoga studio is a good one ,offer  for new members 24 kd for two weeks .
Free yoga class also is a good option in alshaheed park at 9 am on Friday and Sat. ( mixed class )

Hi.. I live in Hawally and I am also looking for Yoga Class particular in outdoor..

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