Moving and getting married in Pakistan

Well, Actually, I want to make this a bit clear.

Maybe Pakistanis or other people who are not raised in muslim family and country will think that Pakistani cultire is "Religous or the culture according to Islam".

But for me and other women who were raised in modern muslim family, found that Pakistani culture is the culture which influenced by Indian culture and Taliban. (I know not all Pakistanis will agree with what I am saying).

1. Honor killing (Islam never teaches  to kill the women in the name of honor). In pakistan and India more than hundreds women were killed every year in the name of honor.

2. Eid prayer. In Pakistan there are bery less mosques which provide a place for women to pray Eid (Islamic celebration). Most of women in Pakistan perform Eid prayer in their houses. While in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Europe, USA and Indonesia, most of muslim women go to the mosque to pray and celebrate Eid. Meanwhile in Pakistan, most Pakistani families prefer to keep the women in the house and pray Eid by thier self and they said that Eid prayer is not compulsory for women or the will say that women are better to pray in thier houses.

But, According to the authentic hadith, The prophet commanded to all women to come to the mosque in Eid and alert the husbands to not stop their wives for visiting mosques.

3. Pakistani family system. I found some cases when the Pakistani husbands defend theie families rather than their wives even though the wives are right. And in some cases, some Pakistani husbands also give the salary to their mothers not their wives.

And Islam teaches that Muslim men have responsibility not only to their parents but also to their wives and kids. The responsibilities toward wives are not only Feeding and clothing but also take care of their needs (if they want to buy something--giving them money)

4. Husband's money and business. I found that some Pakistani husbands don't like if their wives talking about their money and businesses/jobs.

But we can find in Islamic literatures that some Muslim wives at that time helped to take care their husband's businesses. And the prophet's wife Khadija also had business and later on, they run the business together.

Most Pakistanis will say that, "this is Islamic culture" but for some muslim people who are not Pakistani might think that the culture is not Islamic culture.

That's why Pakistani culture is not only surprise the non-muslim wives but also the muslim wives who are not Pakistani.

I know when I say this a lot of Pakistanis will get insulted as they have some issue with India, but I think Pakistani culture is more likely to get influenced by Indian culture. and they cover it with Islam.

And in some Pakistani conservative muslim families, I can say that they seem to get influenced by Taliban in afghanistan. Like their prefer to send their daughters to madrasah which also happened to Afghani families.

I know a lot of Pakistani will disagree with what I have written here. But I also think that most Pakistanis seem can't admit the facts easily what happened in their societies that's why most of Pakistani guys won't explain in details why thier future wives need to change.

They just say "you need to change", "Our cultures are different", "Will be hard for you to live in Pakistan"  but they don't explain in details till the wives need to figure it by thier self or someone else tell them.

Be brave:) wish You happiness

Hi there!
What documents are required to get married in Pakistan?

Hello Laila,

You asked " Getting married in Pakistan" meaning both the bride and groom are in Pakistan.

You only need a national identity card if you are a Pakistani national.

If you are a foreign national, you need to explain if you are on a work permit or business or student visa. :)


It depend on your relationship,if your relationship are strong and he love you so much I think Pakistan is the best one in the world where you can easily lives with your partner anywhere without any racial discrimination.. Remember Pakistani people so thirsty of love..And know respect of women.. you say I embrace Islam then there is no issues..Just chill.. merreid and enjoy your life..
Best of luck.

It seems you all are opiniated and bias and this thread makes no sense whatsoever.
Unless you are in or from Pakistan is best you don't advise as Is not factual.
Pakistan is not as backward a country as is suggested and all depends on the education and backgrounds. Trying to pretend or deceive families is pathetic.

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