Any one here living in Kalibo or nearby?

I may be spending some time in 2017, in Kalibo / Numancia and am looking for helpful information on the area, such as:

Long term accommodation.
Places to socialise
General living in the area
etc. etc.

I would appreciate any tips you may have,

Thanks in advance

Information I have about Numancia is just general info...tourist stuff.  What might help is to Google NUMANCIA, Aklan, Philippines...and you will find all sorts of info that you need.   Also YOUTUBE has lots of visuals and commentaries about Numancia.  Just type Numancia, Aklan, Philippines.  That's how I start my research...then when you have the general info you need but need more specifics...then post your query on Expat.   I was searching a relatively unknown island near Oriental Mindioro but couldn't find recent was not even mentioned in the last issue of Lonely Planets Philippines.  I youtube'd it and got nice visual info about that island.  Then I contacted a friend in Mindoro and lucky me, she's visited the island this summer so she was able to provide me detailed information.  Best of luck in your search.

Thanks FCS, I have had a good look on Google, and found some information.

I currently spend about 5 months a year in the Philippines in Mindanao, and am planning in 2017 on living in Kalibo / Numancia.

Hence the reason I am looking for a place to rent for 7 months.  I have tried all the regular sites without much luck, hence the reason I am reaching out here.

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