RD expat vs Countries of Caribbaen area

How do you feel RD quality/cost of life versus other countries in the area?

This is as much as I know - Your knowledge is welcome. I think RD still beats all of them in quality of life versus cost of living.

very few expats. Impossible to raise a business because of communist economy. Country poorer than RD. Lack of basic consumption goods. Even for a cell phone you need authorization from Government.

More expensive than RD and high delinquency rates.

Expensive cost of living. Quality of life better than RD. Attracts lots of people mainly for retirement.

- French Antilles
Very expensive.  Everything or almost imported from France. Life standard higher than RD.

No idea...

Very expensive and high delinquency rates.

- Aruba / Curaçao
Very small but high standard of living. Very connected to Netherlands.

- Haiti
No worth to mention..

- Belize
No idea..

Interesting.  I have nothing to add to the discussion.

Since I have only investigated and lived here I cannot comment other that Costa Rica did intrigue us the couple of times we have visited.

Bob K

I have been intrigued by Panama but cost of living is considerably higher than RD (source Panama cost of living in this Board/Panama expat).

I admit it is a very wide topic and difficult to find people who can really give a feedback which is better/more expensive/less expensive.

It always depends on specifics - area, lifestyle, needs etc.

I can say it is less expensive to which and file for residencia here then many other places!

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