a work agency in tangier ??!

Hello everyone,
I have applied for a  job in Dubai, UAE on a famous Moroccan  job website , and got a call to  take a job interview  from a job agency  (naza job) which is based in tangier, Morocco .what confused me is that the agency, which take charge of  receiving the applications, and annalyzing them is in tangier, and I have been informed to take the job interview, (they didn't specify the date and place yet ???!!!  :/),  in casablanca .
The job is in Dubai, the recruitment agency is in tangier, and the interview will be held in casablanca.
I also been informed that I  have to pay for the plane ticket.
My question is do you guys know or heard about  (naza job  in tangier ) which is a job agency that recruit moroccan graduates in UAE.what are your suggestions and thoughts about this??! Should I attend the interview and proceed in this? ?!
P.S: I'm having the  interview on September 30.So if you guys could help with any info, I would very much appreciate it.

Hi Ikram,

I live in Tangier and it is the first time I hear of such employment agency. From their website I understood it could be one of the multiple intermediaries that "help" people looking for non-qualified positions in the KSA or UAE, which I guess is not your case.
Thus, I would recommend to be very  careful as this could be one of the many cases of fraud where young people especially girls are trapped in a nightmare since the conditions and terms their were promised do not get realized once there.

I would suggest you apply directly to interested employers if you are seeking a position precisely in the UAE.

Regards and good luck!

Hi there,
Yeah!  Thank you that's what I was thinking and made me  changed my mind about it , especially that I asked then some questions  and didn't get satisfying answers.
Thanks again,

The same for me

I have the interview September the 30 but am not going  thr guy send me an aggrument completely different n i have to pay money back just bul**** what about u ikram ?

Hi  Fatima  ,
Yeah  same  as me. I got 2 emails from them and didn't reply. And they called me yesterday to confirm my presence for the interview on  30 of September, but I  told them that I'm not attending the interview.

I am sure you ladies have made a wise choice. Don't be disappointed or discouraged,  there are genuine offers out there for work in UAE.

Generally, genuine international recruiting agencies conduct interviews for internationally located jobs starting with a Scype or similar type of virtual video call. Usually fees are discussed up front but only paid out if a job offer is received by the applicant. Many times fees are paid by the potential employer not the applicant.   As for if the international company is going to conduct a face to face interview, it would have to be a huge company to do that. Assuming it is, it does make sence for interviews to be centralized in Casablanca where many applicants can easily get there from other locations in Morocco. Of course you would have to arrive on time by what ever means you chose at your own expense. It would be very odd for a company like that to only be interviewing only 2 or 3 young women for employment. Realisticly, why would they have bothered to fly all the way to Morocco unless they have hundreds of applicants lined up. But as for paying for your own plane tickets to get to the job in UAE, it is a possibility, but that is a topic for negotiations during tbe interview not before. 

Also, don't ever agree to ride free on a private plane instead of a commercially ticketed flight or to turn over your passport as part of your employment. Those are classic human trafficking tactics.

Good luck job hunting

Yes dear, You're  totally right. I also  noticed that they contacted like only 5 or six  girls (no boys) which is something to worry about. Also, they didn't  mention anything about the recruiting employer in Dubai. What I understood is that it's a  receptionist position in Dubai parks, so you could tell the working conditions would be.
Anyways, some girls don't really pay attention to such things, the only thing they care about is to wake up thete! I wish I had contact with the other girls to warn them about this!

I understand uour desire to help those who maybe foolish enough to get caught in a human trafficing plot, but it is not your responsibility to save everyone from this job agancy just because you are not sure if it is legitimate.  Remember it is not always possible to save everyone in the whole world by yourself. All you can do first is save yourself and hopefully you may get the chance to save another.  Talk openly about what you have learned with as many people as gou can and let God allow those who need to get that message to find it. This is a great place to have shared this discussion.  This topic may touch  or change the lives of people you may never meet.

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