Travelling to Islamabad, safest and best location to stay ?


It's safe in Islamabad, it's the capital city of Pakistan, well planned. and a lot of foreigners live here

Dress properly, I mean better to wear covered clothes with modesty.

It's the duty of your friends and the people close to you to advise you but if you ask them that how many times they've been to Pakistan and which areas they've visited?

Sitting abroad and giving comments about a country like Pakistan's safety concerns, a pretty easy job.

Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi are 100% safe for women to go even if they are alone. I have traveled the "dangerous" Northern Areas of Pakistan with my foreigner friends. Please, do not listen to people who sit home and make assumptions. You will  come back fine without any problems! In fact, the locals treated me very well..... They make money off of tourism they want you to be safe!

I will tell you little about myself here, because i will like to know you. My name is Mashaid Ahmed. i am 25 years old single with no kid. I am a very responsible man in any situation that i face. I have a kind and big heart that is full of love.
I am sincere, careful, trustful and reliable. I am looking for someone who have similar soul as me!!

Im sociable, easy-going, optimistic, sincere with a good sense of humor. Im currently living in Islamabad, although I do used to  travel a lot.


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