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Asalam-O-Alaikum friends, I hope every one is fine, I just filling up the forum of visa (under rehiring program)  and get confused on the one of the input with lable name paid-up capital and authorised capital.

So any can help me to fill up these two inputs.

Thank you

Please refer to your company Form 24 for this info.

@troyventuress, Thank you for your kind reply.

Here is text i found in form 24, i confused to put the text into visa form inputs.

inputs in the visa form

Modal berbayar and second one is Modal dibenarkan

im sure about the modal dibenarkan but confused on modal berbayar, so please help me to find out from the form 24 text. here is the text i found about paid-capital and authorized capital.

"we hereby certify, in relation to Example of company sdn bhd. that-

(a) the shares referred to in this return were allotted pursuant to a resolution of the *directors/*members made on 1 jan xxxx.

(b) the shares so allotted do not exceed the authorized capital of the company which is RM 400,000.00 divided into 400,00 shares of RM 1.00 each;

(c)* canceled text

(c)* teh shares were allotted to the allottees on applications received from them for shares in the company;
(d) the total issued capital of the company now stands at 100 shares of RM 1.00 each and the paid-up capital is RM 100.00; and

and all the other statements is canceled by default which is not necessary i think

I hope it will help you to find out the exact answer for the inputs i required

Thanks you sister
JazakAllahu KHairan

Modal berbayar = paid up capital
Modal dibenarkan = authorized capital

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