Family Joining visa for 7 Month Pregnant Wife

Hi everybody!

My name is Tom, and I am originally from the UK. I am married to an Egyptian lady, who currently still lives in Egypt, and we are expecting a baby boy by the end of November.

I have just started my job in the Muscat area 3 weeks ago, and I wanted to apply for the Family Joining visa for my wife. I am aware that 3 months of bank statements indicating the salary has been paid into the account are required. However, given my situation, do people think that an exception will likely be made for my case, to grant the visa sooner? This is particularly important because my employer will not add her to their health care plan, until she is an official resident in Oman.

We have Omani friends here, and they have kindly arranged for a Family Visit visa for her, which will last for 1 month with a 1 month extension, so it is not the end of the world if I cannot get the Family Joining visa early. However, it will make things much easier for us, because at the moment, she will have to leave Oman shortly after the birth and come back again, and she will not be covered by my employers medicla insurance, leaving me to cover all of the costs.

Any help would be much appreciated... Enjoy the rest of your days

Hi ExpatTom123,

A family visit visa is valid for 3 months and can be extended to 1 more month on completion of the 3 months.

So in all, a family visit visa is valid for full 4 months.

Thanks for your reply... We could only get one for 1 month with 1 month extension... The officer who interviewed the applicant, who is the Omani family friend, was refusing many people before he interviewed her, and then he would only give a 1 month family visit visa for my wife

Hi ExpatTom123,

What you are saying is news to me.

There are no such interviews.

And, a family visit visa is issued with a 3-month validity, whether or not it is utilised. A 1-month extension is also granted to whoever requests for an extension.

Am not sure if you're being guided correctly.

Okay, I see

I'm not sure if it was an actual interview... They just asked her why she wanted the visa and she said she wanted it so her friend could visit her... So it may well have just been the police man at the kiosk asking her this question

But for sure, we have the visa paper and it says just 1 month family visit visa, so maybe it's a new thing; I'm not sure

I've actually just looked back over the emails from my employer when I was arranging the terms of the job, and they said it would only actually take 2 months between me leaving my wife and her coming to Oman... That I needed to apply for my residence card and once this was obtained then they would apply for her residence visa... Only now they are saying I need to wait 3 months and have the bank statements... Hopefully, I will sort this out tomorrow with them

Hi Tom,

I have been into this same situation and I might have solution to your problem. I my self considered visit visa option (of 3+1) month for my wife too, but that was plan B for me and the plan A was to get her to Oman as proper family joining visa member and ASAP. Please don't expect your case will get any ease and but it will be considered as same like all others. I came to Oman last month too on job and I got my (Pregnant) wife and 2 kids family joining visa just yesterday and they will be travelling to Oman in few days.

FYI - I wasn't asked for 3 months bank statement as its not on ROI website in requirement. I only provided my newly opened account # to my company as my salary transfer account and rest documentation were prepared by them. As a process I provided them with marriage certificate originals (attested by Oman embassies in my country) and a copy, 3 pictures, Wifes GAMCA approved Medical certificate (since my wife would be travelling from country from where GAMCA approval is required), Tenant Agreement copy, Passport copy with my name in spouse or father for my kids, my Resident card ID copy, my passport copy 1st page and visa page and that's it. I got the visa in 2 days of submission.

Obviously my PRO is superman he got them in 2 days, but documents completion is the key.If you have all these above I don't think you cannot bring your wife to Oman on family joining visa unless your company don't allow family visa processing in first 3 months (may be probation period for lot of expat)

Please send me an email on forsakenz[at], ill might have some suggestions for you. If any of them worked, we can post our lesson learned here for others to see for solutions.

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