Moving to poland - Mobile service provider, Food, Nightlife, friends?

I want to know which mobile service provider is best for network, international call i cheap , internet facility is good. 

is there sharing home available and approx rent, how about local transportation inside city is expensive or cheap

how is the food

how is night life there

which place is better to find good friend no matter about gender ?


here below, my Ten Commandaments to anybody planning to come to Poland:

0. Learn Polish
1. In which city are you planning to stay?
2. Learn Polish
3. Get your permission to stay (karta pobytu) the soonest
4. Learn Polish
5. Get your Pesel
6. Learn Polish
7. How much can you earn locally?
8. Learn Polish
9. How much can you adapt to local habits, weather & food?
10. Learn Polish.

Food: Poland is located in the continental Europe. Food is mainly made by stewed meat with potatoes and cabbages; several kind of soups; etc... But almost any kind of food is available: no need to say, foreign food can be quite expensive. if you plan to live here, I feel it should be the last of your thoughts.

You didn't say in which city you're moving therefore it's difficult to reply your questions on transportations, night life, etc... Yes, house sharing is common practice but Warsaw is much more expensive than Łódż (you read it something like wuch)

Mobile operator... same as above: it depends from their coverage on the several

Last but not the least: learn polish.


Thank you so much very reliable and great information

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