I'm new here,where can I find a friends group here online frist

I'm new in riyadh I'm from China, is there any friends group like whatsapp group or line group  or other app group can introduce to me?

I want more friends online frist,I need your help,so that I can live in riyadh well.

thats awesome, welcome to saudi... what do u do in riyadh? i live on the westcoast of saudi.. but i like riyadh

Very nice

I'm coming here to do fabric businss, but not find the market yet.
do you konw where is the fabric market?

start going to the souqs and abaya shops and u shall start finding out

I tell the taxi driver  souqs  he will pick me there?

is there have sofa fabrics?

yes of course, i cannot help you exactly because i'm in jeddah so that will not help u in riaydh -

ok,dear thank you very much.
Could you please give me your phone number or whatsapp?
when I come to jeddah, I contact with you.

there is many Chinese contracting company in Saudi Arabia like cccc , may you search there is many Chinese people

Do you konw there is sofa fabric souk in Jeddah, If jeddah have , it must be more suitable for me come to jeddah.

there are FABRICS everywhere in SAudi .... the arabic word is Qumaash  for fabric... get in any taxi ask for souq qumaash  or ask around. shouldn't be difficult to find. i'm not in the fabric business so i wouldnt be much of help

sofa and Qammash I cant understand did you mean clothes design ?
there is many markets for that in Jeddah . Also I am A civil Engineer you can ask me about construction  :D

Ni hao, Jackson! Are you in RIyadh? Where exactly? I am also new here but I lived in China before here. Shenzhen, Wuxi, Fuzhou, Xian, Quingdao....Let's get together....

hello rareshine, this chinese gentleman wants your number, good luck. :)

hey there i think the best place for u is the new Haraj that call Haraj Bin Gasem. if u need more info just DM and i will help u out. I used to do some Sofa and furniture fabric business back in days ^^

lol, Pakistan you should know me better then that.

There weaving in Riyadh in several markets, including (forestry son Qasim) as well as (Batha)

You can go to Batha and Ask sofa market.There is bag and sofa market.

Hey ,

I think it is much easier today than before to find & meet friends especially with amazing Social app i suggest you to see meet up app it will show you several groups & you can pick what you like .  I am glad to consider me a friend i am Local & can give you a lot of rich information about the Country especially Riyadh my home :) . Any how enjoy your stay & feel free to get any more details . By the way if you are runner , or cyclist i know good Expat group in Riyadh i can guid you .

BR ,


Aha You can go to dearh market in Riyadh it is the biggest in area .

which app?



hi , how are you ?
I am from sudan , now living in riyadh ,, I ready for your help

please inbox your whats app, as I am new in Riyadh.... moved a month ago.....les get together plz

thank you

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