planning moving to new Zealand next year 2017.

hi All,  irfan here from Malaysia. i am planning to move in new Zealand on January 2017 but if possible ASAP. i just want to ask how can i get a job in new Zealand especially in Auckland.  i"ve tried online application but seems like all companies did not provide sponsorship visa. i am currently working as a project planner or planning engineer in construction industry. hopefully u guys can help me out. i am really want to move and working in new Zealand. What spouse to i do?

thank you in advance.

Hi Irfan,

There are some articles about work in the expat guide here : Work in New Zealand. I invite you to have a look.


Priscilla :)

Ok thanks maam btw u living in new zealand right now?


Priscilla is a moderator on this forum and does not live in New Zealand.

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