Visa questions: BF studying in KL, I want to move there with him

Hello everybody,

I need your advice. My boyfriend is planning on doing his MBA at Asia Pacific University starting in October. The MBA will take about 1.5 years (he'll get a student visa, so on that side, everything's fine). I would love to come with him, but I don't know how I should get a visa.

We have our own little company I'm planning on working for (and if that doesn't fill my day, I'd like to work as a virtual assistant). Moreover, I'd like to travel quite a bit and see as much of South-East Asia as possible. As I'll have enough to do with our company and travelling working in KL is not really an option (and I've also read that it's really hard to find a job for foreigners. I'm in Retail Consulting, specialized in Neuromarketing with 3 years experience. It'd be hard to find something, right?)

We're not too keen on getting married for the sake of a visa. And in Germany (where we're from) unfortunately there's no such thing as a "Common law marriage".

I've thought about going to a language school and learn Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin, but I was told that the classes have to be every day and at least 4 hrs in order to be eligible for a student visa. That way I wouldn't be able to work as much as I would like to (and travelling might not be possible as well).

Last but not least, there's MM2H. However I don't think I could spare RM 150,000 for 2 years (we have the money, but we need it to live in KL for those 1.5 years).

Is there anything else I could to go get a visa? Visa runs won't really work for 1.5 years, right? Could our company "employ" me maybe? I'm not registered as founder/chairman.

Thanks in advance,


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