4G in Riyadh- Would a better router improve Internet?

Hi guys. Hope you all are doing well. My question is directed to all those with experience regarding the 4G networks in Riyadh.

I have been here for 2.5 years and have used STC and Zain during this period. I have noticed terrible downloading speeds and a pathetic streaming experience. Also the range of the routers provided by the ISPs is poor. The downloading stepped rarely surpasses 1mbps.

My question to all of you is that would a better router for example from tp-link improve Internet speed and streaming experience. Also would the range be better. Or is the download speed limited due to the SIM and network ?

Please let me know your opinion and thoughts.


The answer is YES but,

To have a good internet speed, most importantly you need to have good 4G signal. Usually the best place is near to a window so place your 4G router next to the window that give you the best speed.

Then a more advanced router would give you more speed. Zain has 4.5G router now or they called it LTE-Advanced router at SAR399, you can try if that gives you the speed that you need.

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