The best Broadband internet

Hello guys. I recently moved to Manama Bahrain.

So I was wondering if you people could help me select a company which is good at its offers and it's speed.

Just so you know... I'll be using the internet for mainly gaming and YouTube.

Thanks in advance.  :)


Primarily 2 options either Fiber from Batelco (you need to find out whether your area is covered) or 4G from Batelco/Zain/Viva (most of the areas across bahrain are covered). You can visit the web page of each provider and the information about package/speed must be there or visit City center where all the 3 providers have their counters.


i agree with our Friend Logical , but what i do recommend ( me being a gamer myself ), is the Fiber from batelco, because you will get a stable and fast internet all the time ( except when you drain your limit , then you will get a decent but stable speed ).

The others like Zain and Viva provide wierless routers that doesnt use cable , which can result in a variable speeed , you also have the option of Mena Telecom .

Thanks for the update mujtaba19, yes if gaming Wired is always a preferred option and i totally forgot about menatelecom  :D

Thank you very much :D

One piece of advice if you go with Batelco, get on their online chat service and see if your building it set up for fiber. If they say it isn't, double-check with your building manager.

When it comes time to get their service, stopping by a Batelco store seems to yield better results, in my experience.

Sure.  I checked their offers... It said 5 dinar unlimited for a month. And I liked it.

That is for the copper wiring and that is very slow (if you care about that). I found this thread to be VERY helpful; … et_speeds/

zain according to me is the best  internet provider especially for gaming and you tube but some short comings in some areas of coverage like parts of Hidd , asry , zallaq with 4G


For your reference

These are fast packages > … 47f66-4418

and these are super fast packages … aad92-f5be

There are nothing called "Unlimited" its a very vaguely used marketing term, every package has a threshold like a download limit and once you hit that limit your speed get throttled.


To bounce off Logical's post, "unlimited" is not what some expats are used to(this ain't Korea, folks). It doesn't mean you get unlimited data. Most of the time it means  you will not be cut off from the internet after your 200G are up, it means that after 200G your internet speed is going to drop down to the speed of smell (think dial up days where even pictures load slowly!)

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